The residence of Art – An “Invisible Beauty”?

“A motivated visionaire or simply coincidence and a lot of guts? 
What is art these days or better; when becomes an object art?”
So many answers, none universally applicable. It seems to be impossible but still there seem to be certain things that ‘arouse’ us, make us feel, whether it is disgust or pleasing. Whether it’s ‘beautiful’ or ‘ugly’ (which I believe is a terrible word). If we dig deeper we could ask ourselves; “what is beauty?”. It’s a subjective feeling, that’s for sure. But isn’t it more than that?
As i said before, sometimes certain objects seem to please us, and we call them art. This is his story. Boudy Verleye, an art-student (sculpture) at “Sint lucas” (Gent). He’s young and motivated but more important, his work seems to fascinate me. Why is that? First of all I believe it conceals a certain mystery, a secret. It seems to be a breathing & living object locked up in some kind of ‘open’ cage, not able to move at all. It seems to have a life of it’s own, although it’s still, covered and hidden. Is it an invisible beauty, is it restless? Is it dead or alive? What’s the meaning or is there none? Is it simply ‘the act’, the process along that matters? I asked the artist;
“it’s all about the relationship between the surface/space and the ‘cloth’ that’s inside of it, it’s about the process along, the act of making it; If the room get’s bigger so does the surface where someone could work in,which imply more possibilities to process the cloth, to cover it with plaster”
So seems  the cloth to get more alive when the room get’s bigger, so does the possibility to make a ‘mess’. How smaller the room, how more static the processed cloth seems to be, it seems still, dead, covering something up? What is it hiding? Is it hiding that which can not show himself because of the small surface, that which the other in the bigger area could show. Is it concealing or hiding, is it the possible action, the process waiting to reveal himself whenever it get’s in a bigger room? Or is it simply an “Invisible beauty”? It is this question that attracts me, it fascinates me. This is what makes it good, it makes us think, reflect and imagine.


“It’s all about the process, It’s about making a mess” 



5 thoughts on “The residence of Art – An “Invisible Beauty”?

  1. Nick Rahier says:

    écht mooi geschreven ! Doet je nadenken !

  2. Mathieu Van Herzeele says:

    boudy’s werken zijn compleet: hij creeert een dualiteit van enerzijds een autonoom sculptuur, verborgen onder ‘het doek’ -of is het het doek zelf?
    tegelijkertijd maakt hij een context, die deel uitmaakt van het werk, en een extra dimensie toevoegt aan ‘het doek’. Zeer rijk..

    Mooie tekst, en goeie vragen.
    Puik werk Boudy en olivier

    • Ik kan bij je redenering komen, maar kan wel niet akkoord gaan met het gedeelte waar je het autonoom noemt. Het is het werk in de ruimte. Het is de ruimte en het proces, “het event”, of de mogelijkheid tot dit gebeuren dat het werk sterk maken.

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