Where did it go wrong ?


First of all i’d like to welcome all of you to my blog and to be completely honest; this is my first blog ever, so this is all still kind of new to me.

Anyway, let’s get to the point.

The topic i’d like to ‘discuss’ today is all about art and what seems to be the value of art these days or how come some people don’t seem to understand the value of these works. It’s been a fact for a while now that people seem to “like” (to use  this terrible word) or “fancy”to steal art whether they want to try and sell it (you simply can’t place a stolen Matisse or Van Gogh on “ebay” without being noticed) or just because they see it as a challenge. In both cases the work seems to remain intact and survives the act of stealing. Nowadays they don’t steal artworks anymore, but the materials they are made of, copper, iron, you name it. The work (in this case sculptures in public places) get’s demolished and is by that cause, destroyed. At that point the work of art get’s reduced from art to an object of economic value (which it already was when it was intact, but it was more also) and therefor loses it’s artistic, subjective aspect.

To give an example;  in 2007 the famous sculpture made by the 19th century artist; Auguste Rodin, got  stolen from the museum “De Singer” in Holland. It was stolen by “copper thieves”, I don’t have to explain how pointless this is.  After it was returned to the museum en brutally mutilated it was restored by Musee Rodin in France. The problem i seem to experience when seeing this work or any work that has been on restored on that kind of scale is whether I’m still watching the same Rodin or a copy? A remade sculpture, whether it lost all of it’s subjective value and what part still is to be considered as “authentic”. When or why (not?) can we no longer call a piece of art authentic, and maybe even more important; would the artist himself have wanted it to be restored? Whether a work still is the same piece of art or it lost all of it’s value is a question that seems to haunt me. I’d love to discuss this topic furtherly so if feel free to comment or rewrite me on this subject.

Now I was wondering, why still bother placing Art in public areas when they get ‘trashed’ anyway. Or could we by any means solve this problem? Could we assure that it doesn’t get mutilated? I’m afraid the only thing we CAN do is hope for a better situation, where people come to reason, because seriously, this is not stealing with any reason, think about it: why not steal the complete work of art? Which is so much more valuable then the materials which they are made of. Or are they going to try and sell it and say; “this is not a normal peace of copper, trust me, Rodin touched this one!”. No they won’t, or they could try, but anyway, my point is; if you would consider stealing a piece of art, please, i beg you, be smart, have reason, steal the art, not the materials!

So this was my first blog ever, I sincerely hope someone enjoyed this. Feedback and opinions are more than welcome!



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