-Enter the ‘Artscape’.

So I decided to continue my journey further into the belgian art scene, to be precise; Flanders. Which brought me to this young artist. Since I first noticed his works a few months ago I was convinced that it was good art to me and therefor according to my criteria what makes art; ‘good’ art.

Again (*) there seems to be a certain vivid and mysterious thought, aspect related to these paintings. When taking a first glance at them, everything seems quite realistic and rather ordinary .. but then…All of a sudden something seems incorrect, objects seem misplaced or certain situations impossible? It appears to me like if these “events” are taking place where reality and a dream seem to cross each other. It’s the vague borderline, the crossing between both which is depicted here.

“Everything seems vague all of a sudden, for one moment the world seemed to have collapsed and reorganized in a non-conventional fashion., what happened here? ” 

Although it’s painted in a very realistic manner, the picture shown isn’t. What happened here? Everything seems vague al of a sudden, the roof became the floor, walls are moving, the world appears to have collapsed, where after it has reorganized itself in a non conventional fashion. These paintings make me remind the surrealistic paintings, freud’s unconsciousness, the dream, but it might as well be a nightmare?

Another aspect that really strikes me concerning these works is the way that he paints them; Although everything seems to be in constant motion, the way it’s painted is rather soothing, which makes it even more confusing and in a certain way: ‘disturbing’ and ‘peaceful’ at the same time. 

I do believe these works are very intriguing and fascinating, they make me wonder of to a certain place where everything, just for a moment, seems clear in simple. I’m anxious to find out what the artist himself has to say about his works and wether they mean something more or not.

What is the artist trying to say, or isn’t he? Is there a certain message hidden in these surreal interiors and landscapes? It makes us think, which art should always do! Is it an indirect reference to certain feelings, is he confused, maybe a different look upon the world? Is it criticism, or simply a mind trick?

“You see things; and you say, ‘Why?’ But I dream things that never were; and I say, ‘Why not?”


 * The Residence of art – An “Invisible Beauty”

More  info;

All works belong to;

-Hans Temmerman-

website : www.hanstemmerman.be

Recently his work got selected for an important contemporary art “competition” in Belgium: “De Canvascollectie

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One thought on “-Enter the ‘Artscape’.

  1. Adams Alexander says:

    I must say, the strength of this piece of art is the perspective. I can agree on the fact that on the first sight it looks rather dull, just an ordinary (realistic inspired) painting.. but when we look more closely we grasp the tension that rises of the fragmented perspective, how the painter deflects our focus and then strikes straight into the mind. That reminded me of ‘stillevens’ of cezanne, whoose paintings consisted out of many different perspectives but still he manages to “glue” them altogether.

    In my opinion, this fragmented perspective doesn’t collaps the world it depicts, it breaks it open, the canvas opens up to new dimensions. he puts the pieces back together, like he tries to organise pieces that can’t be organised, but still he tries the best way of fitting them all together (although it is impossibru).

    about the use of colour, funny you mention Freud. The first thing that occurred to me was the sober, yet profound colouruse, and it reminded me immediatly of the colours used by freuds grandson Lucian Freud. He combines the colours in a symbolic way, forcing my mind in this dream, that has this dark side, this dream that doesn’t inflict horror but makes you shiver, like a psychological thriller, a metafysical dreamworld where decadence is eating the world and society from within (or I’m I specifying to much on Freud?).

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