My favorite of the day: Sublimity at it’s best!


These photographs of Guy Laramee’s work blow my mind.

They are absolutely incredible. I mean there are so many people experimenting with sculpture created from books but I’ve never seen anyone use them in such a subtle and beautiful way. The craftmanship and attention to detail in these pieces is just unbelievable and the soft appearance to the surface is almost frustratingly tactile, it would be amazing to see these pieces close up. Not only that, I am itching to touch them to see if they feel as soft as they look. The pieces look like they have been slowly weathered & eroded in the way real landscapes are formed, rather than carved by man.

Some wonderful work by a wonderfully talented artist & I hope you agree.

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  1. Dianaje says:

    Come see the artist’s work. He is exhibiting two beautiful pieces in New York City until June 24th. The exhibition is “A Cut Above: 12 Paper Masters”, running at The Christopher Henry Gallery, 127 Elizabeth Street, NYC.

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