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My work; paintings, sketches.

Added some new stuff I made.

My work; paintings, sketches..


Splashing waves; art & the sea. – Beaufort 04 (2)

Nick Ervinck – “Olnetop” – Bredene (BE)

“All art is but imitation of nature” –  Lucius Annaeus Seneca 

You can see it from miles away; 8 meters high, the sun reflecting on it’s smooth plaster surface, as it arises from behind the dunes. It seems to astonish everyone that passes by, as art should do. It’s almost alien shape refers to splashing waves. To me it resembles a lot more; it seems to reach for the sky, the sun. It’s bathing in the sun, it seems almost divine in a certain way. It’s mysterious, almost sublime (reference to nature and it’s powers enlarged, shown on a massive scale) maybe even dangerous?

In my opinion this is ‘the most astonishing’, ‘impressive’ and ‘beautiful?’ work I saw at Beaufort ’04.

Nick Ervinck is a belgian contemporary artist (Flanders) whose contribution to Beaufort 04 is an 8 meter high (yellow) sculpture/ installation. He searches for the interaction between virtual constructions and hand-made sculptures.

Nick Ervinck – “Olnetop” – Bredene (BE)

Nick Ervinck - Olnetop - Bredene (BE)

Nick Ervinck – Olnetop – Bredene (BE)

Nick Ervinck – Olnetop – Bredene (BE)

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A Strange meeting on the Beach.

Nick ervinck – OLNETOP

 “The virtual form is not ‘released’ from the material, by a process of cutting away or chiselling, but becomes in itself a productive or generative principle.”

Coming up next.

Cities like open air Museums – Beaufort 04 (1)

“There are two types of sculptures: sculptures only being big qua size or sculptures having a real public function in the communal domain. I consider it my personal struggle to realize as many interesting public sculptures as possible. Cities like open-air museums, sounds like realizing my ultimate dream; a confrontation with the public surrounded by art every day.” – Arne Quinze (BE)

Arne Quinze – “Rock Strangers” – Ostend (BE) 

Arne Quinze is a Belgian concept-artist, (one of the few representing Belgium at Beaufort 04) who is well known for his (un)controversial public installations. And yes he loves big sculptures, he does! They’re big, red, “rock strangers”.

What happens when you invade the common habitat of a human being, how does he respond to the arrival of these ‘strange rocks’

This is the question the artist asked himself and the answer was rather clear…

A strange meeting that’s for sure, but isn’t visiting the coastline a strange meeting on it’s own? You have all these people that travel down to the coast to cluster on a rather small surface and blend in this unknown environment and when you finally do, you stumble upon these these ‘figures, rocks, entities, .. whatever/ however you want to describe them.

So I was really anxious to see this in real life, I had been reading about it ever since it got there in the first place. So when I finally got there I stumbled on some fences and a construction site (see picture below). Therefor it was impossible to wander among these rather strange, awkward entities, which I believe would be the perfect way to experience the feeling that the artist wanted to create. A bit of a disappointment to be honest. Nonetheless they were there and I did kind of saw them from a certain distance and already they amazed me.

Rock Strangers – Arne Quinze – Construction Site – Ostend (BE)

So although there was lot’s of commotion and criticism on the matter whether or not they belong there; most of the inhabitants were against the project. Mission accomplished for the artist I would say.

“A lot of cities around the globe look the same although they are located on different continents. You can still find identical buildings or the same streets. One can no longer detect any differences, people put up concrete walls around them. Building large-scaled installations makes people feel small as a human being. I hope that they start asking questions about what their function on this planet is. With my monumental sculptures I seek confrontation with my audience. I regard my work as a study about how I experience life and how people in general experience their lives.”  – Arne Quinze 

I’m really amazed how fast people feel endangered or uncomfortable and it makes you wonder who the strangers actually are; the objects or the people around them? But then again; imagine this happening..

Rock Strangers – Arne Quinze – Statue of Liberty – NYC (US)

Rock Strangers – Arne Quinze – Ostend (BE)

Rock Strangers – Arne Quinze – Ostend (BE)

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Beaufort 04; It’s mind-blowing.

Arne Quinze – “Rock Strangers” – Ostend (Be)

Had a great time, had the best time of my live. But need some sleep, although I couldn’t resist posting something little. Starting from tomorrow I’ll be reviewing one sculpture a day and share the pictures I took.  Can’t wait till tomorrow! Till then; a sneak-peak (see picture above).

Today’s the day.

Today’s the day I’m going to a lecture by Daniel Libeskind; a well known contemporary architect/ artist. I’ve been waiting for this day since I started studying for my exams (which are finally over) a few months ago. So tomorrow i’ll be writing about this man as soon as humanly possible.

“Architecture is not based on concrete or steel and the elements of the soil. It’s based on wonder. ” – Daniel Libeskind.

Afterwards I’ll be on my way to Beaufort 04; a triennial of contemporary art at the coastline of Belgium. I’ll be visiting that for a couple of days, taking some pictures and keeping you guys well posted. So that’s kind of it. I’m glad to be back and I’ll hopefully see you guys soon.

Your friend.


It’s been a While.

And so it began.. or rather; And so it goes on.. Exams … everybody knows them, no one likes them. To be honest, i’ld rather spend my time here blogging with my fellow art-‘lovers’. But I simply can’t.

I do have big plans thou.. I’ll be visiting Manifesta 9; “Contemporary art exhibition” and Documenta 13.

See you soon!
Wish me luck.

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