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What’s next. (A glimpse of a masterpiece)

What's next. (A glimpse of a masterpiece)

Still studying over here, but in the mean time I’m working on this big article. Should be ready real soon..


That’s one big museum Wright?

Guggenheim – NYC – F.L. Wright

See you soon.

Got to see Maurizo Catelan last time I went; so I thought sharing it with you!.

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Beautiful memories to go to bed with!

Goodnight all,
Hopefully till tomorrow.


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Coast to Coast – Beaufort 04 (4)

Flo Kasearu – Coast to coast

Coast to coast is a installation project that consists of three containers that are converted into ships. They are lying in empty beach of Bredene, in Belgium. These three symbolic objects on the natural, apparently undisturbed coastline prompt thoughts of freight transport and the endless circulation of goods and people. But they also reflect the economic situation: the containers, lost objects, stand empty and useless on the beach.

Flo Kasearu – Coast to coast

Flo Kasearu – Coast to coast

Provocative, reflecting, lost and empty. Coast to Coast is a installation prjoect that consists of three containers, each container is shaped like and therefor converted into a ship. Again (as all sculptures, artworks in beaufort) they interact with the surrounding landscape and somehow feel ‘uncommon’. The three contatiners lying there on the coastline prompt thoughts of freight transport and the endless circulation of goods and people. Lying there totally empty and ‘useless’ they also represent a reflectation on the economic situation.

Flo Kasearu (who the work belongs to), an Estonian artist, well known for her video art (see below) and installations, mostly are placed wide against a specific social background. They concist not of merely criticism but demand for a certain change in society by confronting the ‘viewer’.

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Impulsiveness withdrawn.

If you want to get somewhere in life, it is necessery to fight and work for it, it’s only by making mistakes that you get better. (So i believe).

So I made up my mind, i was being way to impulsive and shocked to think straight. Therefor I took my time to reflect on both possibility’s and came to the verdict that I might be better to not simply give up straight away. So I decided to deliberately give up my vacation and retry the whole thing.

Yesterday I found myself taking the ‘easy way out’, but afterwards it seemed a commonly human mistake to make. I was desperate and needed something to hang on to.

Therefor it seems only appropriate to quote this great man;

“What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger.” – Friedrich Nietzsche

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1 meter, a square meter, 1 Kilo

User’s manual.

You take one man or woman (preferably not to old, nor to young.
Afterwards you measure a square meter and draw it on the floor. (Preferably in a different color than the floor itself, to make it easy on yourself).
You mark a straight line through the square.
Now you take the subject, put him on one side of the line, then he starts walking.. each time 1 meter till the other side of the square, then backwards, forward.. You repeat this until the subject has lost 1 kilo of weight.

These are the words for our entrance exam to the art academy.. We need to do somehting in the given theme (see title). I had this idea (see above).
But then I realised it has litlle to do with painting. So people feedback, ideas, suggestions are all very welcome! (Although I really like my idea)

Beaufort 04′ (3) (photobook 1)

Bernar Venet – 216.5° ARC X 21

Paolo Grassino – Analgesia

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I doubt it..

What a morning; I woke up, got me some coffee. Took a sip or three and the saw the reminder on the fridge. ‘Friday; results’. Payday has arrived. Well not actually. As I saw my grades they were rather disappointing. Not to say; ‘bad’. Therefor I’m considering whetheror not to go back to the acadamy and start painting again. I had a great year and I’ve learned so much, but I do honestly believe that my heart lays in painting and drawing. In art. So that’s something they’ll never be able to take away from me ever again.

And yes, my dear reader, I’ll remain writing about art, it’s my passion my love.

Doubt is a strange thing.
Cut the ropes and start over.

Your friend,

Artsy on Escape Into Life: Aaron Reichert

Fragmented, broken and wounded. Shards everywhere. Honesty first. they give me the impression as if the subject is watching himself in a broke mirror, looking upon it’s fragmented, broken and therefor wounded soul. So honest ..

Artsy on Escape Into Life: Aaron Reichert.

The rise of Modern Iconoclasm.

Search & Destroy – Mekhitar Garabedian

Invading their personal space, tresspassing the natural habitat. Some people feel the urge to destroy or damage certain artworks, sculptures. Simply beacause they don’t belong in their environment. The modern iconoclasm is what they call it. Although I don’t seem to find the name being very appropriate is it’s connotation is much more severe then what is happening now. Especially compared to the destruction of religious artwork and the fear for idolatry (without mentioning the the destruction of the Buddhas in Afghanistan, but i’m not touching that one.

Let’s keep it nearby; In Ghent there’s a contemporary art exhibit in town. It exists of multiple sculptures, installations situated all over town. Therefor it’s not remarkeble that some of these became the victim of ‘modern iconoclasm’. (The same thing happened at Beaufort – see below). As you can see on the picture above, the letter is ‘R’ (Search & Destroy) is missing. The piece has been removed from the installation and thrown into the water. Why they did this, isn’t surely known. One thing is for sure; they took the message a bit too serious.

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“The art of saying nothing at all. “

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