It’s simply can not be put into words.

I do believe that art is so mysterious and wonderful because it speaks a language of it’s own that is not translateble in common words, you can’t simply describe the feeling of art, it’s only by experience that you can feel/get the true meaning of art, which is to tell and share you it’s story. Each work speaks in a different language, a different tone, a color which is unique to the work itself. Therefore it would be irrational to try and put into words what art is. Words simply lack to describe the enbodyment of it’s soul.

“.. it would be irrational to try and put into words what art is. “

What we experience, define or describe art to be is not universaly seen as ‘art’, cultures differ and so it is right to say that for example a picasso will not be seen as art in all cultures. Only in the way that we describe it to be art. Other cultures like the Navajo use art, for them it has a certain purpose to fulfill (whether ceremonial or festive). These objects that they use get hung in a museum as ‘a piece of art’ (masks etc.), which for it’s creator it isn’t.

This makes me wonder wether it’s such a great idea or not to share this. As I’m trying to describe the indescribable. I created myself a paradox.

I simply refuse to see art as a common object. To me they all have a story to tell, a lesson to be learned. Art isn’t simply something you wander by, you need to give it time, time to let it tell you it’s story and time for you to listen and comprehend. So you could say that art is by no means only an object but it has a certain degree of subjectivity. Alhtough it ‘s not merely the object that embodies the subject. Nor the the subject that gives life to the object; they enforce each other, make one another stronger and can’t merely excist without eachother. Art without a certain degree of subjectivity would be like a forest with no trees; which wouldn’t be a forest at all, would it?

So I would say that it is through the embodiment that it’s ‘soul’ can freely speak. Therefore I can only tell you this; take your time, enjoy art like it should; listen to it, it will speak to you. You’ll notice, it always has something to say, it has a mind of it’s own.


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