1 meter, a square meter, 1 Kilo

User’s manual.

You take one man or woman (preferably not to old, nor to young.
Afterwards you measure a square meter and draw it on the floor. (Preferably in a different color than the floor itself, to make it easy on yourself).
You mark a straight line through the square.
Now you take the subject, put him on one side of the line, then he starts walking.. each time 1 meter till the other side of the square, then backwards, forward.. You repeat this until the subject has lost 1 kilo of weight.

These are the words for our entrance exam to the art academy.. We need to do somehting in the given theme (see title). I had this idea (see above).
But then I realised it has litlle to do with painting. So people feedback, ideas, suggestions are all very welcome! (Although I really like my idea)


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