At least i’ve made it!

Arne Quinze – “Study of a wooden chaos installation”

It’s been a rough year, I’ve fought, fallen but always got back up. University is not to be taken easy, I’ve learned that the hard way, you have to work hard, show commitment and never give up. So as I had to redo almost all of my exams (I currently study ‘Art History’) in about 2 weeks (10) I studied throughout my spare time and vacation, recovering the time I had waisted doing ‘nothing’ during the year. I had lost hope but no I’ve regained it. I managed to succeed in all my majors, failed some minors but the best thing is that I may proceed to the next year.

“Defeat is not the worst of failures. Not to have tried is the true failure.”

I’ve learned my lesson, I know now that I can do this now, but it needs hard work and I’m well prepared to go on and fight. Although I did not ‘amaze’ myself this year, I’m proud I’ve made it. Next year will be different. A new start, as I know what to do now I’m hoping to get better results, and succeed as I go on.

Art is my passion, my life.
Therefor I will fight, I will get my degree.


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