Who am I? (Revised)


Hi there,

First of all: thanks for offering me some of your precious time (I hope it’ll be well spend).

So let’s see, what’s there to tell. I’m a student, my major is  arthistory at the University of Ghent. I’m doing a minor in Literature. I adore reading, I adore writing. I love a good conversation, so please, please leave something behind.

Anyhow, I sincerely  hope you enjoy my blog and you get to learn something about art.



6 thoughts on “Who am I? (Revised)

  1. Hi Olivier, thanks for stopping by my blog http://reflectionsofchina.wordpress.com/ and for the likes, thay are appreciated…A great site you have here, i will follow and keep a track on your work. My daughter is also 20 she is studying for a MA in art and design at UCC London…Cheers Mark

  2. I like your blogsite. Thanks for liking my blog.

  3. Hi! I study art history, too, and I like your blog :)
    Keep it up! “see” you soon!

    • Hi there!

      What’s your major? Mine is fine arts (sculpture / painting) and architecture.

      Where are you studying?


      • Hello to you ;)

        My degree course is about the enhancement of cultural heritage and, basically, I study everything from painting to sculpture and also architecture ( this is my last year and we are approaching to contemporary art, while before we were focused on ancient art, Renaissance art and XIX century’s art); we have also done some drawing courses for art shows where we try to fit out an exhibition.
        Now, I have to chose my major for my next 2 years (because my course is structured 3y + 2 , that is to say you are not obliged to go on if you lost your interest, infact after 3y you have your degree), I really don’t know what to chose, but I think I will continue at the Brera Academy in Milan. Not the top, but we are Italian, you know ;)
        Hoping the best for you,


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