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Simply devine. – More words would be inappropriate.

Peter Fischli & David Weiss – 1987 – Art Installation (aprox 100ft).

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Un Chien Andalou; your daily dose of Weirdness.

Enjoy and be disturbed; created by Bunuel and Salvador Dali. Masters of Surrealism and owners of the weird side of the 20th century.


Director: Luis Bunuel

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Sounds from Beneath.

Epic, touching and above all, astonishing and beautiful. These are the sounds from beneath the earth, the memory of an era below the surface, a recreation of the devastating sounds produced by a coal mine.

As mentioned before, I recently went to Manifesta ’09 (The deep of Modern, The european Biennial of Contemporary Art) where I saw this really moving and perhaps politically Video by Karikis Mikhail & Uriel Orlow. Working together with an ex-coal miners choir from Kent they recall an vocalise the sounds of underground activity in the coal-mines. The scenery used is the same as were they have worked for almost their entire lifespan. It Resonates with pathos, dignity and emotional force. It’s a tribute a requiem to all those who have spend their time in the mines, for all those who gave their lives.

Which moved me the most is perhaps that the sounds (which are inhumane) are not created by the machinery itself, but by the people who were the driving force of it all.


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